Heat networks for London buildings


Heat networks connecting London buildings



As urban landscapes across the globe seek clear-cut action plans to embark on a low-carbon future, Islington, one of London's busiest neighbourhoods, blazes the trail towards net zero with GreenSCIES — a community energy grid delivering affordable, low-carbon electricity, heating, and transport for 33,000 residents and 80 businesses.

GreenSCIES is no ordinary energy project, it's an ingenious energy matrix outshining its UK predecessors. Harnessing waste heat from neighbouring data centres and office buildings, GreenSCIES bestows locally sourced power upon the multitude. With an astounding 80% plummet in emissions and a remarkable curtailment in consumer costs, this avant-garde project revolutionises the district's energy landscape while etching a captivating blueprint for other cities to follow suit.

Find out more about how the scheme works at https://greenscies.com/greenscies-islington