Prizes and competitions

Win cool prizes for your school!


We run regular competitions for schools and young people who share their love of science with us! 

Our competitions are designed to challenge students to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematical principles and explore simple experiments or presentations to demonstrate one of these.

On the right are some of the entries from 2020 sent to our twitter feed @fridgefantastic.

Our overall winner for 2020 came from St Wilfrids School. "We learnt about how a fridge works as well as about evaporative cooling from our peers"


 The school picked up £2000 worth of science prizes for their Department. Congratulations!


More prizes and competitions

You can win cool prizes such as ipads, cash or science kits.  All entries will receive an Institute of Refrigeration Certificate of Merit to recognise Gatsby Benchmarks.

Download an entry form here

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Need some inspiration? 

There are lots of things to choose from - this website is full of information to help you explore, you can select something from our pages or come up with something yourself.


Who can enter

Our competitions are open to individuals or groups of school students based in the UK.  You can enter to represent your school, as part of a STEM club, a home school group, an afterschool activity club eg Scouts,  Film school or just a group of friends or family!


View some of last years winning entries below..





What are the judges looking for?

We are looking for entries that clearly explore the science behind what you are doing, that link this to something practical in modern life, and that makes science fun!


Top tips for your entry
  1. Planning is important! Be clear about what science topic you want to cover,  why you selected it and how you are going to present it before you start.
  2. Think it through carefully so that your experiment is safe for you to carry out - we recommend you get an adult to check your ideas.
  3. Get all your equipment ready - you can use a smart phone or a recorded computer presentation - no special cameras are needed
  4. Make sure your presentation or video will be no more than 2 minutes in length.
  5. Get everything ready and practice your experiment before you start recording it.  
  6. Watch your playback and re-record if necessary - so you are sure viewers can hear the voice-over and that the explanations are clear.






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