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We recommend the following additional activities to support science and careers teachers as well as club leaders and STEM ambassadors in delivering industry-related science and careers curriculum linked to the science, engineering and technology content of this website.

Quiz Solutions

You can download blank crossword and wordsearch files here as well as answer sheets

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Basics Crossword(Answer sheet)

Basics Wordsearch - (Answer sheet)

Cooling Science section content

Cooling Science Crossword - (Answer sheet)

Cooling Science Wordsearch - (Answer sheet)

Future of Cooling section content

Future of Cooling Crossword (Answer sheet)

Advanced Cooling Crossword (Answer sheet)




STEM Ambassadors

Would you like to bring someone in from a local company to your school or club to talk about fantastic fridges, refrigeration science or their career in engineering?  Search Refrigeration at the STEM Learning Ambassador website to find your local refrigeration STEM ambassador.




Climate Change - designed for Yr9 to explore Climate Change as part of the Geography curriculum. The slide deck was developed by Co-op group and is provided here with their kind permission.

Climate Change Slide Deck


Engineering Careers - these slides explore the different types of engineering jobs and refrigeration careers available.






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