The Cold Chain

Refrigeration is used at many stages of food production, this is known as a Cold Chain. Using refrigeration at each stage ensures that products are preserved safely between cultivation and your plate. Chilling, freezing and storing food is a substantial industry. Below is an example of a cold chain for frozen peas. Did you know peas are frozen and packed ready to be sent to the shops within hours of having been picked in the field?


Peas are grown in farms in the countryside.


The fresh peas are harvested by automated picking machines.


The harvested peas are transported quickly to a processing plant.


At the processing plant the peas are removed from their pods, washed, frozen and packed.


Packets of frozen peas are loaded into refrigerated vehicles ready to transport to the supermarket with the temperature controlled and maintained at freezing.


The supermarket stores them in a refrigerated cold room or in the shop floor in the freezer cabinets.


They are bought and transported home or delivered by the supermarket. They end up in the freezer compartment of your fridge at home - or on your plate!

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