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Purpose of this website

The Institute of Refrigeration has developed these free web based resources for 6-14 year olds to:

  • help increase young people’s understanding of how the science, technology, engineering and mathematics is applied in the world of refrigeration and air conditioning using practical examples.
  • to enrich classroom topics with examples of how principles are used in technology today.
  • to support your careers curriculum with information about workplace experiences, training and opportunities and where careers in our industry can take you - as well as what skills employers are looking for.
  • See how our content maps to curriculum areas here
Engaging with employers 

The content has been developed by refrigeration engineers and scientists working with teachers and education specialists to inspire young people. Our sector is growing and needs more people!  The initiative comes from the Institute of Refrigeration - the UK professional body for refrigeration and air conditioning engineering experts.  We have created a section with careers games, guides and profiles to help encourage young people to consider us as an option.


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