Vaccine fridges that don't need electricity


A vaccine fridge without electricity?



Freeze-free guarantee

Many vaccines are destroyed when exposed to freezing temperatures. SureChill technology provides naturally controlled uniform cooling. Freezing is impossible for vaccines in SureChill refrigerators.

Built-in cold storage provides days of resilient 2-8°C cooling without power. This ensures vital vaccines and blood supplies remain perfectly chilled even with intermittent grid or solar.

SureChill fridges use the unique properties of water; it’s most dense at 4°C, and when it freezes, it retains and stores a huge amount of energy.

This natural phenomenon is the core of our technology, enabling our refrigerators to run for a long time with no energy. It teams perfectly with solar power, or any other situation when the power supply is sporadic.

SureChill innovative refrigerators contain walls filled with water

About the refrigerator compartment there is a small tank with ice and water inside, this is our ingenious natural store.


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