Jacinta the Business Development Manager

Jacinta the Business Development ManagerMy name is Jacinta. I hold Member grade of the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR)  and a member of the Women in Engineering Society.

After finishing secondary school age 17 I left home and moved to Dublin, in 2009 I moved from Dublin to the UK.

My first job was working in a local cash & carry on a Saturday and during the summer holidays.

I currently work a Business Development Manager with Critical Project Services (CPS). A Management Consultancy business dedicated to the Mission Critical Industry.

How did you start working in the RACHP industry?  Aged 22 I gave up my job and decided to pursue something I always had a keen interest in. A big but easy decision for me, I applied to various refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) contractors for an apprenticeship. I was  registered for the 4 year scheme by a RAC contractor in Dublin.

What attracted you to the industry?    My family have RAC, electrical and haulage businesses. Throughout my whole childhood I was immersed in the operation, service and maintenance of trucks, trailers, plant machinery, endless variations of white goods, catering, commercial and retail RAC equipment etc. I was instinctively attracted to all of it however my 3 sisters did not share the same enthusiasm so that says a lot I guess!

What do you specialise in now, or what kind of projects do you work on?

I develop the business through the management of clients across Europe mostly. CPS primarily represent the owners of Data Centres overseeing and delivering services such as: Program Management, Project Management, Design & Build, Commissioning, Project Control, Site Selection, Site Assessments and Procurement. Clients with Data Centres who have one or more requirements for New Builds, Retrofits or Upgrades appoint CPS because of their in depth expertise and capabilities across the globe which is reflected in their client portfolio.

How different is it to your previous role?     Aside from the nature of the business and market being somewhat different there a few elements which initially took getting used to. Considering the regions we cover from London and our HQ being in the USA means there is a lot of travelling and communicating in different time zones which can be tricky. The role itself is familiar but the structure and strategy behind it is the main difference.

How has being in different roles been of benefit to you and the job you do for customers? The role I have with CPS is one element of the greater function we provide for our clients. Having experienced varying aspects of the industry means the client will benefit directly and indirectly. Although I am not an expert in the field having experience has greatly benefitted me.

What do you enjoy most about your job, and what are the biggest challenges you face? I enjoy the pace at which we work, making things happen. There are no pauses on decisions or ideas and everyone in the company is the same. Being involved at the infancy and seeing how complex projects come together is a great foundation to understanding the business further. Depending on the nature and scale of the project it can take weeks, months or years to complete. There are always challenges, particularly for our clients who are constantly driven to become more green and more efficient especially with the amount of power a DC requires to operate. Owners and occupiers are always looking for new ways to reduce their consumptions.

Any general career highlights? The most recent highlights are being voted onto the IOR Board of Trustees by the members of the Institute. While in January I won ACR Woman of the Year 2019 Award. I was also shortlisted for the Top 50 Women in Engineering Award, the Theme for the WES Centenary year was Current or Former Apprentices.

Where do you see your role progressing in the next few years?    My time with Critical Project Services feels a lot longer than it actually has been - in a good way. I can see that in the next few years our client base will expand further around the globe. My role will naturally become more intense also which is exciting. With CPS already working with the leading clients in the DC industry and the expertise we have in the company will undoubtedly make us a leading partner for more of the major clients in the DC market.

What advice would you give to young people who are just starting a similar career to you? Consider an apprenticeship, it will provide an invaluable foundation for your career in RACHP. To get the best out of an apprenticeship it is important to also research potential employers, this is to ensure that you are exposed to the varying areas/aspects of the industry that you are interested in as well as important for your studies. An apprenticeship is there to benefit all parties. Listen and learn as much as you can, keep asking questions. The industry needs smart, diligent, skilful people with a good work ethic and initiative. If you have those this greatly increases your earning potential too. Unfortunately we are running out of quality and interest within the industry.  

How has being a member of the IOR helped your career development?  To be able to develop as a person and professionally it is important to always learn and be open to learning. With a wide variety of companies and people associated with the IOR it has allowed me to make the most of their meetings, networking events and talks etc. Being on the Board of Trustees allows me to have more of a direct involvement and influence which has its benefits.